Having only been open for less than a year, The Lockhart has now been featured in over 60 articles and other various publications and websites worldwide including The National Post, TIME.Com, Buzzfeed And NOW Magazine to name a few. We most recently had a visit from The Space Channel where Morgan Hoffman stopped by to feature us on Inner Space. 



Shortly after The Lockhart's grand opening, NOW Magazine stopped by to conduct an article with owners and within 24 hours of their publication the article went viral. With over one million views and 10,000 followers on the bar's Facebook Page, the Lockhart became a global sensation overnight.

The exposed brick bar has a seating capacity of 36 guests which has not deterred such celebrities as Youtube sensations Joey Gatto from Settle Down Kids, Katie Boland Famed Canadian Actress, and famous fanfic writer Anna Todd from gracing the doors to The Lockhart.

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