Frequently Asked Questions

We're not around during the day to pick up the phone much and we receive a lot of e-mails. Whether you need a question answered in an instant or you're generally just interested in common Q&A, please take a look below at our most frequently asked questions! 


Question: Are you a Harry Potter Themed Bar?
Answer: We are an apothecary cocktail bar that has been inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter. 

Question: Do you take reservations? 
Answer: We are walk-ins only, but if you're coming with a big group, please do get in touch and we'll try to help you out!

Question: Can I make a reservation for Trivia Night
Answer: We do not take reservations during trivia or magic night even if you're a large group, so make sure you get there early if you wish to participate in trivia.

Question: Do you do Private events?
Answer: We do private event reservations Monday through Thursday.
Please contact to to learn more information about booking a private birthday, staff of holiday party. 

Question: When is magic night?
Answer: First and Third Tuesday of every month. 

Question: When is Trivia Night?
Answer: The Second and Fourth Tuesday of every month.

Question: Are minors allowed? I am under 19/I have a child I would like to bring.
Answer: Yes, minors are allowed but they must leave by 830 according to law. 


Question: Is there parking?
Answer: A Paid parking on Dundas and Dufferin, and a variety of public transit options to arrive at the bar (Dufferin 29 Bus/Dundas 505 Streetcar drops you directly beside/infront of the bar)

Question: What are your peak hours?
Answer: Peak hours vary through the week but generally 7-12 Thursday through Saturday.

Question: What is your capacity and do you have a VIP area?
Answer:  Our capacity is 34 and our facility does not do bottle service or have a VIP space.

Question: Are you wheelchair accessible?
Answer: Unfortunately, our Toronto location is not wheelchair accessible as our bathrooms are located downstairs. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

Question: Where can I buy merchandise?
Answer: We sell merchandise in-store at the bar in limited quantities while our full range of merchandise is available online.

Question: Can I exchange my Merch?
Answer: You may try on our merchandise in-store however, we do not accept exchanges or returns on merchandise bought in-store. For online returns please contact

Question: Do you sell gift cards?
Answer: Coming soon...

Question: What time does the Kitchen close?
Answer: We serve our full kitchen menu from 5-11 and our late night menu is coming soon. 

Question: Do you do takeout?
Answer:  Takeout is available upon request.

Question: Do you offer vegan options?
Answer: You may find the vegan items and items on the menu that may be made Vegan with an ā€œVā€ symbol beside them.